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"The first 1,000 days of life: The brain’s window of opportunity"

Neonatal care can be challenging for all new parents after bringing their babies home. Kernicterus and chronic anemia will affect cognitive and intellectual development. Our device can detect the changes in these parameters and other critical physiological parameters, so parents and doctors can quickly and easily obtain these changes, such as heart rate, jaundice, or anemia. Preventive neonatal care with early detection and intervention is the key to promote healthy newborn development.

Currently, the team has developed two prototypes, one is hand-held, and one is wearable. The hand-held is targeted to hospitals and care centers; the wearable is targeted to regular consumers. We ran studies with 50 babies so far. We tested our device against Philip’s BiliChek as well as regular blood samples; our device has very high accuracy and is able to detect both bilirubin and heme level with high correlations.

Handheld Device

for hospitals

  • Non-invasive handheld bilirubin meter for evaluating neonatal jaundice.

  • Provides Transcutaneous bilirubin (TcB) and transcutaneous hematocrit (TcHb) measurement. 

  • High accuracy (correlation with TSB >0.9) and wide working range (0-40 mg/dL), not affected by skin color.

Wearable Device

for home care

  • Provides Jaundice and Anemia Level for parents.

  • User friendly app works with Bluetooth.

  • Easy to track the bilirubin and hemoglobin level change everyday. A awesome tool to help communicate with your doctors.